Secret Surprise Cactus Kit Gift Set

  • $ 33.00

Send a surprise gift set this holiday season to make gift giving even more special and fun.

The Mini Cactus kit contains everything you need to plant and take care of your very own Mini Cactus.

It has all the very best things in one tiny box! It's a plant, it's handmade, it's an experience, its the best gift ever (for you or a friend).

***The surprise gift set includes***

   *letter that will ship right away with a short note that says who the sender is

   *sticker that ships with the letter to hint at what may be arriving

   *package that will ship a week later with the following:

   *mini or itty bitty cactus kit

   *cactus kit guide book

   *custom message from sender

--->At checkout please include your name (if you want to include it), the recipients name, and the custom message you'd like sent with the final package.

***Each Kit contains***
-a tiny cactus pup (can live for weeks without being planted)
-a mini hand formed and carved vase (itty bitty sized or mini sized)
-tiny bag of rocks
-tiny bag of soil
-tiny pipette for watering
-illustrated instructions for planting and care